Announcement, 17.7.2018

The Institute for Jazz Research is pleased to report that Dr. André Doehring has successfully attracted funding for the international research project “Popular Music as a Medium for the Mainstreaming of Populist Ideologies in Europe”. The Volkswagen Foundation, external sponsor, has allocated a total budget of €971,000 from its “Challenges for Europe” fund for the undertaking.


Beginning in March 2019, an international team of researchers will compare the usage, role, and structure of popular music in populist movements in six European countries (Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Sweden) and discuss the topic in terms of the European unification process. Doehring, a professor of jazz and popular music and chair of the Institute for Jazz Research, will serve as principal investigator for Austria; a further postdoctoral position will be established at the Institute for the project.



-> Popular Music and the Rise of Populism in Europe

-> Rhythm Changes

-> Jazz & the City: Identity of a Capital of Jazz

-> The Development of Fusion Music Exemplified in the Guitar