Jazz Research News 35 (2010)

Jazz Research News 35

I. Informationen / Information

Conference Report: »Radio Jazz Research« Workshop, Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany), September 15–16, 2010  

Conference Report: »The Jazz Chameleon: 9th Nordic Jazz Conference«, Helsinki (Finland), August 18–20, 2010

Conference Report: »First International Clare Fischer Symposium«, Graz (Austria), May 1–2, 2010

II. Rezensionen / Reviews

Hazel Scott: The Pioneering Journey of a Jazz Pianist from Café Society to Hollywood to HUAC

III. Transkriptionen / Transcriptions

Solitude – as Played by Herbie Hancock and Dave Holland

Cantaloupe Island – as Played by Herbie Hancock, Jeff Littleton and Gene Jackson

Hidden Shadows – as Played by Herbie Hancock and His Ensemble