Jazz Research News 29 (2008)

Jazz Research News 29

I. Informationen / Information

Conference Report: »John Coltrane (1926 to 1967). L’œuvre et son empreinte«, Tours (France), November 26–27, 2007

Jesse van Rullers Secret Champ – Betrachtungen zu Komposition und Improvisation 

II. Rezensionen / Reviews

Deutsche Hot-Discographie: Cake Walk, Ragtime, Hot Dance & Jazz – ein Handbuch

III. Transkriptionen / Transcriptions

Backup – as Played by Robert Bachner

Watch Out For Po-Po – as Played by John Scofield

You Speak My Language – as Played by Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Steve Swallow, and Bill Stewart

Cassidae – as Played by John Scofield And His Band

Early Autumn – as Played by Stan Getz