Wolfgang Tozzi


Studien zum Spiel von Jack DeJohnette

Subject: "Jazz-Drumming": The playing of Jack DeJohnette as an example.

Method: Analysis of transcribed drumlines.


1. Conception and system for an analysis of drumset-lines.

1.1. Basic pulse, pulse division (frames), depht of focus of the pulse divisions.

1.2. Secondary pulses, dividing or multiplying the basic pulse, as a framework for substructure and superstructure of drumset lines.

1.3. Offbeat levels at 1:3-, 1:4-, etc. pulse divisions (frames).

1.4. Offbeat phrasing.

2. Communication, handling of the musical framework (form), control over a huge energy-potential and a wide range of textural density, rhythmic subtlety and sound and touch are main characteristics (features) of Jack DeJohnette's playing. The study shows particularly the creative integration of the musical/formal framework into his drumlines.

Consequences: Besides the technical aspects of playing (instrumental control) I find that a communicative attitude as well as musical visions are essential components of jazz drumming.