Collection: The library currently contains ca. 7,200 printed volumes.

The main subject focus of the library collection is jazz: The archive hosts one of the most comprehensive collection of books and periodicals about jazz and jazz-related topics since the early 20th century. Important historical, partly out-of-print issues are available in our archive, including African Music, The Black Perspective in Music, Cadence, Downbeat, Der Jazzfreund, Jazz Hot, Jazz Podium, Jazzthetik, Melody Maker, Musica Jazz and Storyville. Another steadily growing section of our collection is the field of popular music studies.

Due to new acquisitions and donations, the collection increases continuously; the staff is eager to offer the latest publications in jazz and popular music research.

Our reference library is open to the public, and all books and journals can be read in one of our reading rooms. Research of our collection can be conducted online ( If you are planning a longer research stay at our institute, we will be happy to assist you with the organization (e.g., travel, accommodation, infrastructure).

For questions please contact Gertraud Steinberger or Johanna Gabl (jazzresearch(at); +43 316 389-3160).

Opening hours during semester break (11.–22.02.2019):

11.-12.02. (Mon-Tue): 9-14:00 

13.-20.02. (Wed-Wed): CLOSED

21.-22.02. (Thu-Fri): 9-14:00 

In the first and last five working days during semester break and summer break: Regular opening hours (see below). 


Opening hours for summer term 2019:

Mon: 8-10:00; 12-14:00 

Tue: 8-10:00; 12-14:00 

Wed: 12-14:00 

Thu: 8-10:00; 12-14:00  

Fri: 12-14:00 

During the summer break: Monday 8–13:00 and after consultation.

Please note that the opening times can change at short notice. For current information please call +43 316 389 3160.